Outcomes are where the logic goes. We verify the response from the server against these defined outcomes.

Pass or fail scenarios are defined below.

Outcomes Description
response_body_contains PASS if string in body.
response_body_doesnt_contain FAIL if string in body.
response_max_time_ms FAIL if response takes longer than int.
response_json_contains FAIL if json response at path doesn't match.
expect_status_code FAIL if response status code differs from int.
response_redirect FAIL if string not in response location header.
response_headers FAIL if the headers received from the request doesn't contain the list of headers provided.
response_header_values FAIL if the values of the headers in the test don't match the values in the response.
response_header_value_contains FAIL if the value of the headers in the response do not match a given regexp pattern.
show_body output the body to stdout.
colour_output Colour PASS/FAIL